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About Us

Building the brand

Our story

Wreative was started in 2018 based on 3 core people (in accordance with the philosophy of the logo). We embrace the development and support of application and website development with the aim of becoming the first choice company in application and website development.

Through a unique combination of app and website development, we have also begun to embrace digital marketing as an additional service of the website or app to make it more visible to the general public.

We try to bring business owners together to help them develop their business or product so that they focus more on the business itself and produce more results.

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olena bohovyk
annie spratt
Development and Creativity_

Primary Functional

Focus on the main purpose of creation or execution so as not to leave the main function of the initial concept.

Optimal Design

The design is based on existing principles, modified based on requests and improved by us to create an optimal design.


Respect the structure, because it is a foundation. Whatever we create or execute has a structure so that the work is faster.

Speed and Uniqueness

Speed is an important parameter for us, besides relying on speed we also need uniqueness so that whatever is created or executed can have its own value.

Influential And Impactful

We think about what we do, because it affects what we produce and what impact it has. It has to be a positive influence and impact.

Content Writing

"Content is king", that's what content creators often say, making content very important and must be optimized.

Building the

Create meaningful and functional applications that can be used and benefited by many people.

and impactful

Digital marketing is very good for making a positive impact and influence around it, so we want to optimize this to achieve more positive things.

Maximized results
without constraints

Maximize all work to get the best results until there are no visible or infrequent problems.


Years of experience. Developing Applications and Websites, to helps more brands and products
Average. Applications and Websites help them to grow their business
Investment. Technology sector, as it helps them to grow and accelerate their business
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